Mathletics as Feedback

Here at PDCS we have made Mathletics a part of our Math Program.  The website subscription is full of useful resources for both teachers and students.  They can work through activities, videos and games that align with the Ontario Curriculum.  It is proving to be an effective way to ensure all students are understanding the material taught in class.

The most common way we are utilizing this program is pairing Mathletics activities with the lessons instructed in class.  Mathletics activities deliver 10 questions for students to practice the selected skill, or topic.  Students need to complete each question and when they submit their answer they will receive instant feedback (right or wrong).  If they are struggling, or need a quick reminder there is a help tutorials (question mark beside each question) that will walk them through an examples.

Mathletics is very useful way to gauge student understanding.  Students & teachers are provided a score out of 100 for each activity completed.  Colour medals are awarded  to help identify a student success; blue(not attempted), red(less than 50%), silver (50 – 85%) and gold (mastery is greater than 85%).  Students can attempt activities multiple times to work on mastering a skill.  Also, Reports can be generated and shared to identify strengths and weaknesses.

Reviewing results and reports we can identify  students that require extra support, or students can ask for assistance if they are struggling through an activity.  I will be providing a math support once a week during break for students who need help, or that are falling behind.

REMEMBER TO STAY UP TO DATE ON ALL ACTIVITIES! Make sure to check Edmodo for alerts and suggestions related to Mathletics.

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