CONGRATS … for Earning your Blog

We have been busy learning about how to interact safely with social networking sites and how to create a positive digital footprint. Paper Blogging Students have been participating in a Paper Blogging World to share posts and learn how to provide quality comments for each other.

Congrats to the following students for earning their Beginner Blog Badge;

BiancaMatt, Rachel, EmilyS, Shayden, Cole, Nolan, DustinArden, Brooke, EmilyW.

The remaining students will hopefully earn their blog by the end of the week, and will be ready to Participate in the Student Blogging Challenge.

Be sure to visit the student blogs to share in our learning as we work through the different blogging challenges.

Please note our blogs are in constant state of editing and revision. We welcome positive and descriptive feedback that will help us become better bloggers.



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