Digital Footprint – Where have you been?

Activity #1 of this weeks Student Blogging Challenge asks students to examine their Digital Footprint.  A great activity – one I encourage everyone (not just students) to complete.


But Sir, “What is my digital footprint”?

According to Wikipedia, “a digital footprint is a collection of activities and behaviours recorded when an entity (such as a person) interacts in a digital environment.” 

In my terms,  a digital footprint is where you’ve been, what you’ve shared, and how you’ve interacted in an electronic world (web, cell phones, gaming, etc.)…..oh, and the bread crumbs you’ve left behind.

Summer Vacation just ended…take a moment to sit back and think what you accomplished this summer.  Retrace your steps and reflect on how you represented yourself.  What happened – would you care to share?  Chances are if you are proud of your accomplishments you’d be happy to share, and if you are disappointed in your summer you would tend to keep it to yourself.

Now think about the past two months and how many times you interacted with digital environments?  Could you retrace your steps and reflect on how you represented yourself.  COULD SOMEONE ELSE SEE WHERE YOU’VE BEEN?  THE ANSWER IS YES!  Most digital interactions can be and are tracked.

Don’t believe me – take a moment & GOOGLE YOURSELF (put your name, town and other info about yourself into the search box and see what results YOU pop up in).

Now consider this  —–Would you share this info with parents, grandparents, neighbors, teachers, & friends.  Would they want to know, & would you want them to know?  And would they proud of your actions/info?


Today’s digital world provides you many new sharing avenues.  It helps people stay connected, and stay in touch.  It provides new opportunities- even for school work.  Working together and sharing your academic accomplishments is encouraged.   BUT WHEN YOU DO SHARE TAKE STEPS TO SHARE SAFELY.  PLEASE BE CONSCIOUS OF YOUR ACTIONS AND CREATE A POSITIVE DIGITAL FOOTPRINT!

Take time to read over our Blogging Guidelines that will direct you on how to safely share on our class blog. 






12 thoughts on “Digital Footprint – Where have you been?

  1. In our mind a Digital Footprint is something you leave behind in a online or digital world. Let’s break it down. A footprint is something that you leave behind. Then if you add digital to it then that would make it something that you leave behind in a digital world. For example, on Facebook when you upload a picture it is on there for the world to see if you don’t have privacy settings on. That goes along with all the online chats and networks. A digital footprint is also something that tracks your every move. Like an iPhone, because last summer Apple was tracking everywhere you were when your iPhone was on. When you start a digital footprint it never ends even after death. Like if someone dies and they have a Myspace account then their account stays on the internet and everyone is still able to see it. Some ways to stay save in the digital world could be only putting pictures on the internet that you want everyone and anyone to see. Also, you should only put up comments and posts that would represent you in a good way and not negative towards others. So, what are your ideas huh? What do you think a digital footprint is and how they are left behind?

  2. At the moment your born your Digital Footprint begins. Your Digital Footprint is anything and everything that you do online, for the world to see. You can be tracked by your Digital Footprint weather you want to be or not. For example if you sign into Facebook, people know, if you post a comment on your friends page, more people know, and if you change your profile picture, then a lot of people know, even if you don’t want them to. But it’s not just on your computer it’s every thing you use electronically from you credit card to your cellphone. A Digital Footprint is like a little map for each and every person in the world, tracking where you go and what you do online. Even after you die your Digital Footprint continues on and on.

    To be safe online you should take precautions, this is how we think that you should be safe with your Digital Footprint. One idea is do not share any personal information on the Internet. Another safety tip is try not to use your last name because you can be tracked and linked to the information you post. Going to jail is not a fun thing so you what to stay away from illegal Internet use, access and threats. When your using online chatting and posting (Facebook, Skype and Twitter) you want to post positive comments about yourself and others. Make sure your posting appropriate photos and posts because every thing you post can be tracked back to you. Make sure that you stay safe online.

  3. Digital footprint to us is when ever you make a post on facebook or post a picture on any website even if you delete it, it will always be available to others. Leaving a digital footprint can be tracked by anyone and anywhere at any time by typing in the name of the person and where they live, doing this you can bring up the information and pictures of the person, resent post on facebook or twitter. A digital foot print can be scarey because anyone can find out your personal information , When on the internet you have to be careful of what you release to the world.
    That is our view.
    Emily,Brooke, Cullin and Blake.

  4. Have you ever wondered what others see when they search you in the internet? A digital footprint can do what is a digital footprint you ask? A digital footprint is where and how you interact with the internet it shows where you have been when you go on a certain site. Lets say you have a facebook account if you don’t carefully look at your privacy settings people can easily your information and photo graphs, by just typing your name in Google, Yahoo!, Bing etc. A digital footprint can show all information about your self that has been put on the internet by your self and others.

    For another example you post a picture of your best friends’s Pool Party on the internet. You zoom in and notice some comments as people ask where the party took place and who was there. As you read this you scroll down to find answers like the address and the phone number. Everybody and anybody can now see her information.

    The moment your born your parents post a video of your first day of life. They have just started your digital footprint. You will now continue your digital footprint.

    To view your digital footprint try typing some of your personal information such as name, address school etc. into Google, Yahoo! or Bing.

    And to safely interact with the internet go on right now and change your privacy settings or your username password etc. Go on! What are you waiting for?

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