Taking steps to EARN YOUR OWN BLOG

Do you think students should be provided with their own blog and learn as they go?  Or should they demonstrate some understanding of how to manage and interact with a blog before they earn the privilege?

It is my opinion as a classroom teacher that students should have some knowledge of what it takes to be a blogger before they begin.  Over the next few weeks my students will take steps to learn more about blogs and how to manage them.

They will learn;

The Purpose of an Educational Blog,
Blogging Guidelines,
Terms & Tools,
Commenting skills,
and how to write a Posts.

Once students can demonstrate an understanding of these basic…

they will EARN A  BLOG!  Visit our Classroom Blog frequently and watch the number of Student Blogs grow.

What do you think?  Is this a good starting point for student bloggers, or should they take additional steps before they begin???

6 thoughts on “Taking steps to EARN YOUR OWN BLOG

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  3. I love wordle. I use wordle for so many things. I thinks its so cool how you can do different arrangements and different colors. I like how certain words become bigger than others. I never thought of using it for blogging rules and things like that but thats a good idea.


  4. Dear Mr. Carson,
    I definately think it’s a great idea to get educated about blogging before you start. My technology teacher has been teaching me and my grade about it this year and I think that’s the smart way to do things. Awesome wordle! I love how you made the learning fun!
    From, Zoe

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