Proud Canadians

Happy to be Canadian, and proud of where we come from! That’s a common expression people share everyday throughout our country. I know we have vistitors of our blog from other countries, so I thought we could share what makes Canada a unique place to live.  I asked my students to create a original Canadian Super Hero and share our Canadian Identify in the  form of a comic.  Can you make out the Canadian Identity in these comics? Let us know!  Also, please feel free to share what makes your country or area unique (even if you’re Canadian).

Canadian Comic-Bayleigh

Canadian Comic-Duncan

Canadian Comic-Jon

3 thoughts on “Proud Canadians

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  2. These are wonderful comic strips and they told me quite a bit of information about Canada’s unique traits….as only superheros can convey. I really liked the flying beaver, but that’s probably because a college where I went to school was known as the silver beavers (MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts). I do have a question for Bayleigh…what is Tim Horton’s. I’m not familiar with that store or is it a restaurant?

    I think you’ve done a marvelous job of with the comic strips…they were very clever, well written and funny. Congratulations.

    Mrs. R

  3. What I think Tim Hortons is in my point of view is a homey restaurant (which is very popular in Canada!) filled with very loving people who make you delicious food! They make soups, sandwiches, donuts, cookies, coffee, tea, timbits (bite size donuts), bagels, and so much more! The best part is, it’s made with lots and lots and lots of love! I could talk about Tim Hortons all day, but I just can’t word it all together…  So, I thought I would go on their site, and search up there history for you! (I put it all in my own words) Enjoy! 
    Tim Hortons was first found in 1964 in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada! They first focused on top quality, always fresh food/drink, great value, awesome service and community leadership. That focus had allowed it to grow around Canada quickly with its fresh coffee, baked goods, and homemade lunches!
    When Tim Hortons first started selling they only sold two items, coffee and donuts. There were only two selections of donuts which were Apple Fritter and Dutchie. They had become the most two popular donut choices in the 60’s and still are popular today!
    As soon as consumer tastes grew Tim Hortons choices did too. The first change was in 1976, they introduced very successful timbits (bite sized donuts) now available in more than 35 different flavours. The restaurant’s Growth in the 1980’s brought a lot more selections of food! In 1981 there were muffins and cookies, 1983 they introduced croissants, 1985 they had soups and chili. In the 1990’s they had also introduced many more! Like, sandwiches originally made in 1993 but then in 1998 they were re-introduced in 6 different types, called Tim’s Own. in 1996 they had bagels, 1997 flavored cappuccino, 1999 café mocha and also iced cappuccino. Then in 2003, they added the Turkey Bacon Club Sandwich and the Maple Pecan Danish. Tim Hortons put Yogurt and berries, cinnamon Rolls and Hot Smoothes to their collection! They had also added The Chicken Salad Rap, Hot Breakfast Sandwich (on it were eggs, sausage or bacon and processed cheese.), and iced coffee to their menu from 2006 and 2009.
    Tim Hortons Coffee remains fairly popular, they even sell it in cans, same with Their Hot Chocolate, English toffee and French Vanilla Cappuccinos, so therefore their very valuable costumers can enjoy the delicious drinks made at home!
    Tim Hortons can be found in shopping malls, highway outlets, universities and hospitals. The most standard Tim Hortons offer 24 hour drive through services for costumers on the go.
    In 1984 Tim Hortons was introduced to a U.S. store in Tonawanda, N.Y. From that point on they have expanded to 10 other states! Those were, Connecticut, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island and West Virginia.
    On April 4, 2010, Tim Hortons had 3,596 Restaurants, 3,029 in Canada and 567 in The United States of America! Now I told you Tim Hortons is very popular in Canada! 😛
    I Hope You Have An Understanding Of What Tim Hortons Is! 

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