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This post is for Challenge #1 in the September 2010 Blogging Challenge.  Well a very interesting question, why would anyone visit a blog of a little village school located in Mt. Pleasant, Ontario, Canada.  We may be small, but greatest doesn’t always have to come in big sizes.  My class of 27 students is full of wonderful ideas, and we’re willing to share them with the world.  We are jumping into technology in our classroom and each student has their own laptop to use this year.  Come share in our learning and see how we use technology to accomplish our educational goals.  Join our journey and see what we create.  I’m sure you’ll learn something too, or maybe even get an idea to share within your classroom.  What’s special about your class or school and what can others learn from you?

13 thoughts on “Why visit our BLOG?

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  2. Dear Mr. Carson and class,

    My name is Mrs. Yollis and my third graders are a part of the Student Blogging Challenge too. This is our third year being a part of it and it is always fun to learn new things and meet fellow bloggers.

    Who wouldn’t want to visit a place called Mt. Pleasant! I love it! I’m curious, how tall is Mt. Pleasant?

    You asked, “What’s special about your class or school and what can others learn from you?” Here is a link to our class post about Challenge #1. Why Visit Our Blog?

    Looking forward to following your class blog!

    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Hi Mr. Carson,
    I am very interested in your class blog. Do you ski at Mt. Pleasant? Do you get alot of snow? I have been skiing in Whistler Canada. It is very hot here now, over 100 degrees today. We have to drive 2 hours or more to ski in the mountains in the winter. Please visit our blog soon.
    Mrs. Yollis’ class

  4. Hi Ben,

    Happy to hear you are interested in our class blog. It’s funny your teacher asked me as well how tall is Mt. Pleasant, and you asked if we ski in Mt. Pleasant. Just shows your how a name can be misleading. Mt. Pleasant is a small country village, with no real elevation. Have a look at our About Page, and click on the map. You can even click street view and take a drive through our little village. We do have several places to go skiing, but we also have to drive an hour or more to ski. A lot of my students snowmobile, Do you know what that is?

  5. Dear Mr. Carson,
    I am a student in Mrs. Ranney’s class. I think that your blog is awesome! What grade do you teach? What is your favorite sport? Please visit our blog soon!


  6. Dear Mr.D Carson’s Class,

    You have a great class blog. My class is also part of the Student Blogging Challenge. Your blog is really interesting because you
    like to learn about other peoples’ adventures and journeys. I also like that you learn about places such as Mt. Pleasant. How tall is Mt Pleasant?

    Justin, Mrs. Ranney’s 3rd Grade Class

  7. Dear Mr. Carson and class,

    Just like my classmate Ben, I am very interested in your blog. My father is living in Vancouver, Canada and because of that I am now interested in anything Canadian! I am especially interested in Canadian schools and classrooms. I am sure that there are a lot of similarities and differences between Canadian and American schools. I am so amazed that each student in your class has their own laptop! We only have two very slow computers, but we still get a lot done.

    As Mrs. Yollis said, I hope you visit our classroom blog.


  8. Hello Jamie, glad you enjoy our blog. I hope you continue to follow our blog as many interesting updates are coming soon. Students are working hard and getting ready to showcase some really neat work. Watch for their short animations soon. I teach Grade 7 this year and loving it. My favourite sport is a more difficult question because I really like them all. It really just changes with the season. I’m really excited for football and hockey right now.

  9. Hi Hannah,

    Yes we are very lucky to have one computer per student in our class. It helps each student work at their own pace, and use a variety of different tools. I have looked at your classroom blog, and even though you only have two slow computers you still manage to produce some great work. Keep it up and look forward to seeing what else you can accomplish. Just wondering what do you think is different between Canadian and American schools?

  10. It so much fun to learn about other people and really helps you learn too. I’m looking forward to learning from you class this year, as you seem to know a lot about blogging. Mt. Pleasant is actually pretty flat and we are a farm community. It still is a pretty special place, and really is peaceful and a great place to learn. What are you looking to most about the the Student Blogging Challenge?

  11. Dear Mr. Carson:

    My name is Leah and I’m in Mrs. Ranney’s class at Chaparral Elementary School. I am in the same class as Jamie who made a comment on your blog. I went “driving” down Mt. Pleasant Road [using the “street view” on the map]. I saw the United Church and Pleasantholm Farms. What kind of crops does Pleasantholm Farms grow?

    Please visit our blog!



  12. Thanks for visiting our blog. I’m so glad you tried the street view of google maps and got to drive down our main road. I’m not sure what the farm grows, but I will ask my students or take a closer look the next time I drive past. GREAT QUESTION, stay tuned for an answer.

  13. Hi Mr.Carson,

    My name is Cassandra this is my second year in the blogging challenge. I also live in Ontario, but I have never heard of Mt. Pleasant. In my school we have laptops but not enough for everyone (about 16). I hope you can visit my blog and leave a comment some time soon.


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